G.I. Joe Headquarters (2)

$88.00 Complete Set; $55.00 Incomplete Set


Two available; 1 complete, 1 incomplete, both in decent shape. Both have the tinted orange plastic cut away from the window. Some spots; possibly mold stains or ink on bottom floor panels. These both have weak snaps upon closure.


$219.95 circa 1970's


This is an action man piece. It is mint and in the original box, which is in beautiful shape!

Space Commando



Actionman dated.

Stratos Tank



This tin exterior space tank has 2 winches and is complete with original box, considered a rare piece by some of the most sophisticated Joe Collectors in the Bay Area.

Multi-Terrain Vehicle

$189.95 (A Steal!)


The twin brother to the G.I. Joe Trapper sans the cage and sporting a military look. This piece is C9 mint and in its original box.

Barouder (Tin Exterior Jeep)



This bad boy comes with a real working winch, forward and reverse gears, battery compartment, missing the floor panel, but otherwise complete. Some cracked off slats from bumper section, but these really go un-noticed as the tin exterior prevails over any minor flaws. Still, a rare piece to find.

Deep Sea Diver



Clean suite, near complete.

Deep Water Salvage



The previous year's KD release outfit on an anniversary Joe. This just looks great and compliments any Joe Collection!

Actionman Assault Craft

$55.00 (Asking Price)


Large Military green assault raft with real working motor in original box. Good Condition. Box is like C5 (?) Unsure if it is complete or not.

Actionman SAS Beachhead Attack

$ (Open)


This awesome set is complete and mint. Still in its original package. Box is awesome and in great condition. Includes black raft, tent, and other accessories. Instructions, etc.

Brazilian Adventure Team Jeep

$329.95 (Asking Price)


This Yellow and Jungle stripe jeep comes with: Jeep, Tiger in Cage, rare light colored boonie hat, crocodile, whip antennae, complete and original box. Box shows some wear and tear, but overall still intact. Considered a never before seen piece by top collectors in the Bay Area.

German Landover Africa Corps.

$229.95 (Geyperman / Actionman)


This piece has the common snapped front bumper, but otherwise complete. Has original box, and definitely shows some wear. Overall, a difficult piece to procure. When sporting Actionman German figures, this can easily become the centerpiece of a collection. Has original Africa corps insignia on hood, intact, not faded. Looks Great!

Actionman Pursuit Craft

$159.95 (Asking Price)


Twin to the U.S. version except with the traditional military colors, etc. expected of actionman vintage. We displayed on the ceiling and this piece commands attention with its giant wingspan and daring looks. Complement with a Cotward helicopter pilot and you have yet another great piece. Condition is like C6-7, Box: C5, common problem with wing tab snapped off, but stays together pretty well once assembled and displayed.

Armored Vehicle

$139.95 (Figure sold separately)


This European vehicle is for use with most 12-inch action figures. Comes complete with original box, and is in C9 mint condition. A favorite diorama piece.

Custom Pilot



Original man of action. Figure with Actionman flight suit. G.I. Joe original parachute harness, etc.

French Foreign Legion Actionman



Yes, you are reading this correctly! This awesome piece is sitting on a scale CAMEL!! We only have two of the camels in stock. One separate Camel available @ $70.00.

Flying Space Adventure

$900.00 Rare!


This is said to be one of the rarest pieces out there. Complete with instructions, this C8 piece commands top dollar in this condition and will continue to hold value due to its rare status. Destined to be destroyed due to its original concept of being crashed into a door handle. It is rarely found with a helmet, if found at all!

All Terain Vehicle



This Vehicle comes with original box and is C9 mint. Looks and plays great! This is definitely a keeper!

Strike Force Motorcycle and Side Car



Complete! Even the box kicks butt! Figure sold separately, holds all 12-inch figures. Nice one.

Winter Forces



Land Adventurer with the snow troops outfit, the bearded Joe gives it that wintery look. One of my favorites!

Military Truck

$ 100.00


European Military Truck for use with all 12 figures. Comes with original box in C4 condition, Truck is missing one piece of the framing under the canvas, a rare find.

Scorpion Tank

$250.00 , no box


Action Man Tank , near complete, Joes sold separately. HASBRO TANR COMMANDER : White or African American , $35.00 ea.

Tie Interceptor



Boxed, Mint. Still has inserts inside.

Palitoy AT-ST Walker



Boxed, Mint. Still has inserts inside. This piece in this box is a rare configuration especially in the US.

Palitoy Snow Speeder



Boxed, Mint. Still has inserts inside.

Han Solo Carbonite

$ 150.00


International Card. Some minor creases.

Millenium Falcon



In original box, complete. 12-inch BEN Kenobi : 1st issue nev POTF, $45.00 12-inch LEIA, 45.00. We also carry all the new Star Wars figures.

Original Power of the Force Figures

Mint on Card


Imperial Dignitary - $80.00
Lando General - $125.00
Imperial Gunner - $190.00
R2D2 Pop-Up - $180.00
Han Solo Carbonite - $250.00
A-Wing Pilot - $120.00

Star Wars Models and Figures

Great Deals!


Battle Damaged TIE Fighter: Near Mint, still works $40.00
Darth Vader's TIE Fighter : Near Mint, still works $55.00
LONG SABER POTF Figures: Luke and Vader $20.00 ea.
Ben Kenobi $40.00
JAPANESE C3PO : This is the GREEN tinted Japan model, vith data in Japanese on reverse of card - $34.95 ea.

G.I. Joe Sets

$ 74.95 to 134.95


Cherilea Boxed Bell Style Helicopter: $134.95

7th Anniversary Gold U.S.S. Enterprise

$64.95 Collector's Edition - Sold


Mail Away Ben - $12.95
Mail Away Han Solo - $27.95 - Sold Out
Star Wars Figures on C-0 Cards, All Figures are MOC
Stormtrooper - $23.00
Ben Kenobi - $24.95
Tuskin Raideri - $24.00
Boba Fett - $65.00
Cloud Car Pilot - $25.00
Luke Jedi Knight - $59.95
Greedo - $15.00
Major Matt Mason Calisto - $55.00