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The Rules: There are no rules except that you can only play once per each set
of questions.The questions will change every other week, depending on
the amount of participation. If you do play more than once, only your
first choice of answers will be judged.

Scoring: There are 5 questions each time. Question 1 is the easiest and question
5 is the hardest. Question 1 is worth 1 point, question 2 is worth 2 points...
and so on.

What you win: If you win you will be rewarded by having your name posted in the
Gilligan's Island Trivia Contest Hall of Fame.

Previous Answers:

1) In the '53 film "Law and Order," Which castaway shot Ronald Reagan in the shoulder?
A.) Russell Johnson

2) Who competed for the 1960 Miss America title as Miss Nevada?
A.) Dawn Wells

3.) What did Mr. Howell tell Mrs. Howell were the only two pieces of information they would have to give if they were caught aboard the Scorpio Spacecraft?
A.) Their names and their seat numbers on the New York Stock exchange.

4.) Which of the castaways is left-handed?
(Thanks to Helynn Schufletowski for this question!)
A.) The Professor

5.)What was the name of the Newspaper Gilligan was reading after hearing the news that Harold Hecuba was producing their play on Broadway?
Show Biz

Bonus Question (optional) Which actor played the Jungle Boy?
(Thanks to Cindy Adams for this question!)
A.) Kurt Russell

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Gilligan's Island Trivia. Set 30
1) What was the name of Mary Ann's boyfriend back home who got married to someone else?

2) Who owned Gladasya Productions and what character did he/she play on Gilligan's Island?

3.) What did Natalie Schafer's contract forbid the producers to do with her in the series?

4.) What did Dawn Wells do just before the cameras started to roll to make herself appear more attractive on camera?

5.) How did Mary Ann lose her bathing suit swimming in the Lagoon?

Bonus Question (optional) Who was responsible for getting the Professor and Mary Ann's names mentioned in the show's opening credits?

Optional: A) Submit your own trivia question and answer here: 

or B) Who would you pick to be stranded with on the Island?

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